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Yehuda Kurtzer and Judy Yates Siker
Talking About Israel: Jews and Christians
Peter A. Pettit
After Christmas, Being Present
Call & Responsa
Should a Rabbi Perform an Intermarriage?
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Thank You to Peter Eaton
Founding member of New Paths: Christians Engaging Israel steering committee to step down
The Best of iEngage 2014
2014 was a fruitful year for the iEngage Project research team. Numerous articles, videos, and lectures received attention and shaped public discourse on the narrative for a new covenant between Israel and world Jewry. Here is a compilation of the most talked about 2014 articles by iEngage Project scholars
iEngage Winter Campus Seminar in Jerusalem
Undergraduate students in US universities studying iEngage through Hillel gathered in December at the Institute in Jerusalem.
Masa iEngage Fellows Program 2015
A cohort of Masa Program participants in Israel are learning iEngage at the Instituate in Jerusalem as part of a six-part series.
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