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Yehuda Kurtzer and Judy Yates Siker
Talking About Israel: Jews and Christians
Call & Responsa
Should a Rabbi Perform an Intermarriage?
Gabriel Rochelle
Why Israel Matters to Me, Even If I’m Not Jewish
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Apply by April 1 for iEngage Summer Internship in Israel
Undergraduates can spend six weeks working with iEngage scholars or on the operations side of the Hartman Institute
Videos: Yehuda Kurtzer and Rani Jaeger at West Coast iEngage Conferences
What does it mean to be loyal to Israel? To the Jewish people? How do we balance a desire for complexity and nuance with a desire for clear delineations between right and wrong? Watch two videos from the conference that address these issues of Jewish communities
Ongoing iEngage Resources: Civil Marriage
The question of permitting civil marriage is an ongoing debate on the Israeli political agenda and constantly surfaces, with academics and scholars approaching the issue from various perspectives. Here is a collection of articles and videos from Shalom Hartman Institute research fellows and guest lecturers relating to the subject of marriage in Israel
Thank You to Peter Eaton
Founding member of New Paths: Christians Engaging Israel steering committee to step down
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