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You explained
You explained exactly why war is not desirable. The vast majority of diplomats and security experts are saying that this is not a big deal. Don`t let Netanyahu`s fear-mongering and brinksmanship fool you.
Lonny, USA, 07/03/2012 00:38:00
Twin track approach
Dear All An interesting article; however, the pursuit of peace with Palestine should be at forefront of Prime Minister Netanyahu`s mind. Unfortunately, focusing on Iran is a policy, which if pursued may complicate any prospective and just resolution with the Palestinians. Mr Netanyahu`s agenda is not to produce conditions where peace can be concluded with the Palestinians but to ensure that one can be imposed. If it was the former he would abide by UN Resolutions (of which there are over 150), respect the ruling of the International Court of Justice pertaining to the `security barrier` and abide by Phase 1 of the Road Map (2003) with respect to settlements. Mr Netanyahu’s opposition to UNESCO`s recognition of Palestine (supported by France, Spain, Norway and Ireland) as well as his criticism of recent countries such as Iceland and Thailand joining 128 other countries in recognising Palestine was most disappointing. Hopefully, Mr Netanyahu will pursue peace with Palestine first and also appreciate that both countries should be on a level playing field in order to resolve all outstanding issues. God bless
Ant Aloy, , 06/03/2012 22:47:00
Opinions on peace and war
Whatever happened to the very simple Israeli stance of years ago: if an American Jew "cares about Israel", then instead of engaging in all the deep philosophical discussions re "Palestians", "Iranians", etc., he/she should simply find a job in Israel, come here, live here, go to the army, and leave it up to the politicians to do the "philosophical bit." There is no better way to "care about Israel" than to live here and have the "experience" every day.
Alan Solomon, Israel, 06/03/2012 08:25:00
the american Jewish Left and Iran
As a long time left-wing activist in the US - on Israel and many other issues - I hope that Steven Cohen`s important and powerful essay will receive the widespread attention it so richly deserves. Ken Brociner
Ken Brociner, USA, 06/03/2012 05:50:00